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Kolo Bike Park Asheville, NC

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Kolo Bike Park is located at:

1 Resort Drive
Adventure Center
Asheville, NC 28806

Phone #: 828.707.4876

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26 Responses to “Location & Contact”

  1. Is the park open today? Didn’t know if it closed at certain times of the year

  2. How many bikes could you rent at a time? We have a conference planned for next summer and looking into rental options to accommodate 1-2 large groups 20-50 participants each, full/front suspension for mtn bike outing, and also interested in road options for separate city tour group. What is the range of # of rental bikes you could have available for each purpose?


  3. Do you hire builders or is it mostly volunteers? Please email me with info. Thanks!

    • We have a very small team of professional builders. We also organize some very specific, guided volunteer work days for certain projects. If you’re interested in those, please sign up on our email list from this site…over there where it says “Subscribe”. We also announce trail work days on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kolo-Bike-Park

      Eric K
  4. Are you guys open year round?


  5. we have road bikes reserved for a day’s riding – does the rental include helmets (or should we bring our own) and what kinds of pedals are on the bikes (should we bring own clip shoes/pedals)? thanks!

  6. Could you provide the address & map to your park on your website? Thank you.

  7. Notice that there is a race on Sunday September 6th. Does that impact the park being open on Saturday September 5th?

  8. Do you offer Mountain bike rentals? What are the pricing and bike options? Both male and female

  9. Is there a bike share option in Asheville Nc? If not do we need advanced reservation for a bike rental.
    Thank you

    • There is not a bike share option in Asheville that we’re aware of. Reservations are recommended – especially if you want bikes on a weekend day. Head over to the “Rental Bikes” tab or give us a call at 828.707.4876

      Eric K
  10. Wondering if you are going to have the summer camp for kids this summer?

  11. My son and daughter want to try the sport. I am a motorcyclist so I know nothing about BMX. They are young (7 & 10). Do you guys have a kids hour or something so they can come to the track and start to try it out without disturbing the guys trying to have fun.

    • Thanks for your question. Those are great ages for kids to get involved here at Kolo. There is plenty of room for the kids to come out and ride any day without being in the way. Certainly weekdays have less traffic. A kids hour and an “adult swim” is something we may consider this summer only for the pump track area if it gets very busy. Another thing you may want to look into for your kids is the Kolo Bike Summer Day Camp – info is here: http://www.kolobikepark.com/kolo-flow-bike-summer-camp/

      Eric K
  12. Hi. Coming into town for thanksgiving. Will you be open? If so, do I have to reserve a bike in advance? Need a fs xl bike.

    Les Thornbury

  13. Where can i register for the super d here on may 17th? I cant find it anywhere

  14. Hi, wanting to bring my 3 children, 12,10,8 over from TN. Do y’all do instruction or introductory class to mountain biking?

    • We are building instructional riding clinics for kids and adults. Regular clinic schedules should begin in Spring of 2014. In the meantime, we can do custom instruction for small groups. Send an email to theflow@kolobikepark.com for rates and scheduling. Thanks for your interest!

      Eric K

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