Did you say Kolo?

Yes, it rhymes with flow...and there's nothing like flow on a bike. Kolo is your biking sampler pack. Ride the mountain bike park with trails and features designed for skills progression. Try out a rental mountain, road, comfort or kid's bike to take on your own adventure. Whether you're just learning, taking it easy, or looking to push your edge, you'll find a taste of it at Kolo... Find some Kolo Flow.

Asheville Adventures

Bike riding, climbing, zip lines, and water sports - for adults and kids. All accessible from the Asheville city limits! Combine your bike riding with other adventures... Kolo can help you with all your Adventures in Asheville.

Featured Video

See the introduction of Kolo Bike Park on video from the Asheville Citizen-Times.

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Asheville on Bikes

Asheville on Bikes Summer Cycle at Kolo

On Sunday, June 26, the annual Asheville on Bikes Summer Cycle celebration ride will finish at Kolo Bike Park. Beginning at Second Gear in West Asheville, the ride winds around the Westside and connects over to the River Arts District. This ride incorporates much of the growing bike infrastructure and neighborhood roads of the area. […]

Slice Zone Group

2016 Kolo Flow Bike Summer Camp

At the Kolo Flow Bike Summer Camp, campers will ride on purpose-built mountain bike trails and skill elements designed for all levels of rider to experience flow on a bicycle. Kolo Bike Park is a great way for young riders to build confidence and skill in a controlled environment. Other activities include use of an […]